Internet Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Pay per click or PPC advertising
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • Email marketing

Different Types of Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is the strategy used to boost website traffic. Through various SEO techniques implemented by professional SEO company, a business or company gets to enjoy more visitors to their websites. The key player in this strategy is using the right and relevant keywords in various SEO techniques. With more visitors viewing your site, the higher the chance of making sales. Most businesses entrust their search engine optimization campaigns to experts from a trusted and reliable SEO company.

Pay per click or PPC advertising

Pay per click or PPC advertising. This is another effective online marketing technique that drives traffic to your website. Unlike organic or natural search engine optimization techniques, PPCs are paid advertising. Different banner ads and links are used along with keywords that are placed in search engines, related websites and social media. The two major search engines, Yahoo and Google have these pay per click (PPC) programs for web marketers. The company pays every time an ad is clicked. Each clicked ad will lead back to the company’s landing pages where visitors are called to action. And although it is paid, the cost is just a fraction of the cost spent for traditional advertising campaigns.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM). This is the most preferred and popular marketing strategy and tool nowadays, because it is a very effective online marketing tool. More business entities are using the social media sites to interact with stakeholders – customers, investors, employees and suppliers. Almost all digital marketing firms realizes the wide reach covered by social media sites so it will be the best platform to launch any online marketing campaign or brand introduction.

Email marketing

Email marketing. This is still an important online marketing technique. Email alerts or autoresponders and e-newsletters are still proving to be effective in getting a wider reach for the campaign. This technique requires careful implementation and seeking permission from the users before sending the email alerts and other promotions. A more targeted email marketing campaign is proven to be the successful ones. Defying the odds of looking spammy and a specifically targeted audience is the key to a successful email marketing campaign.



  • Viral Marketing. This is another form of online marketing an internet marketing company may use. By using video and other interactive methods to attract customers, an advertisement can go viral in the Internet. This is the online version of “Word Of Mouth” marketing. Knowing how to trigger and capture emotions are key factors in getting viral.
  • Article Marketing or Guest Blogging. This form of online marketing is where articles are written about specific topics or niche and the articles build backlinks to the site or direct traffic to an affiliate product. Blogging sounds more personal and are actually looked at as personal experience shared to the world. Blogs tend to get high trust ratings from people especially if the writer is known to be someone in a specific field.
  • Affiliate marketing. This is promoting someone else’s products or services and receiving a fee for the referral. It is said that affiliate marketing is already dead, but there are still a few leveraging from it. Since there’s just a parcel doing it, the competition is not that tough compared to the more popular search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, or social media marketing.
Search Engine Optimization

What would make an SEO company stand out from the rest? The answer to this question would probably lead to an SEO company being sought by all types of businesses that is aiming for online visibility, increased business activity, and improved business performance.
A good search engine optimization company will not just guarantee first page landing on search engine results pages (SERPs). Instead a good SEO company will get to understand the needs of the business or the website, analyze the requirements based on those needs and develop a campaign or marketing strategy through various optimization techniques that will, over a reasonable period of time, gradually improve the performance of the business or the website.
infusionSEO does just that. With a good understanding of the client’s needs, appropriate steps and strategies will be proposed to achieve the target goals.

Optimizing the Website

Each website has unique optimization requirements. Some may benefit from paid advertising while others benefit from optimization methods that generate organic traffic. The two organic methods of optimization are onsite and offsite optimization.

Onsite optimization refers to elements that can be controlled directly from a website such as website text, code, links, and keywords. Offsite optimization, on the other hand refers to external elements of the website such as external links back to the website that originate from other sites or backlinks.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization requires analysis of the text, code, and general structure of a website as these are what search engine web crawler consumes.

  • URL Structure. Use simple URL structure with short descriptive words relevant to the site.
  • Keywords and Key Phrases. Create a site content including keywords and key phrases that reflect the actual body text on the page.
  • Title Tag. Create a title that is uniquely descriptive of that page with keywords relevant to the content.
  • Site’s Body and Structure. The site’s main content is one of the most critical areas to focus on for optimization. Take notice of heading hierarchy, description, and body text content – these have more influence on ranking than any other element on your site.
  • Anchor Text. Users and web spiders or crawlers will know what sites you are linking to.
  • Images and Alt Tags. Use alternative text or Alt tags for all images.

Offsite Optimization

Equally important to SEO is offsite optimization – identifies how your website is linked to external pages. A link that points back to your website is known as a backlink.

  • Attain backlinks from reputable and authority sites.
  • Backlink sites should have content relevant to your site
  • Achieve as many backlinks as possible. This will be noticed by web spiders and will influence ranking.

Increasing Search Ranking

Competing for online visibility is tough. There are too many websites aiming to land on the first few pages of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Where today’s consumers hardly stay on the fourth page of the SERPs, SEOs are facing massive difficulty in their optimization techniques.

No business can afford to become invisible online. Having a website running 24/7 will not guarantee any ranking or increase in traffic or business activity. As the website is the first step in establishing and building a relationship with existing and new clients, it is important that the website is properly optimized for the searchers to find it amidst the millions of pages crawled by the search engine spiders every second a search query is activated by a user. infusionSEO recognizes this and has developed time-tested optimization strategies for your website.

Attracting New Customers

InfusionSEO knows that a website that achieves high ranking from search engines will enjoy significant exposure. More visitors or users will be directed to the highly-ranked sites. Search Engine Optimization techniques may be integrated to the website design in order to achieve the target goals. With new customers comes the possibility of converting them to actual sales or as new customers or clients. This would necessitate implementation of infusionSEO-tested and proven optimization strategies to make sure that the website stays alive and active on the first 3 pages of the search engine results.


We provide the Email marketing tool that companies need to succeed in their business. Our experts can create attractive email designs tailored to your company that deliver results. Email marketing is a professional method of communicating with customers, potential buyers and other stakeholders via the internet. Email marketing will improve the relationship between customer and business, encouraging sales and loyalty. Promote your Business, Website, Events or simply your Facebook account to millions across UAE through our email marketing tool

Email Design

We create stunning latest HTML5 designs matching your company's logo or website that can help customers recognize your emails more easily. You can also use your own email design & emails database. We send emails in both HTML and text version.


Emails Database

Our email database contains all the valid emails your company need to begin building relationship with the many great businesses in UAE. All the emails are valid and extracted from sources such as gulf news classifieds, khaleej times, dubizzle, tecom directory and yellow pages.


Email Reports

With our email sending software tracking your email marketing is easy. We provide complete reorts after each e-mail campaign is sent including: number of emails sent, who has clicked the links, who has viewed your emails, number of unsubscribers, bounced emails, forwarded emails


A good email marketing campaign can help you:

  • Increase Your Sales Conversion
  • Generate Repeat Sales
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services
  • Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors
  • Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases

Are you looking to send Bulk Emails with 90% INBOX Delivery? Dont have your email database? Then you are at the right place. we can do the email campaign on behalf of you. All you have to do is to let us know your targeted audiance and we take care of the rest.

Subject Name, From ID, Reply ID is customizable. Art work to be provided by the clients. Our database is classified as per EMIRATES, FREE ZONES, CORPORATE, INDIVIDUALS, ARABIC SPEAKING, ENGLISH SPEAKING, VIP, MANAGERIAL / TOP EXECUTIVES & PROPERTY INVESTORS


The use of email marketing is becoming more and more common place in reaching out for new business and now forms an integral part of most kind of business activity . 4EverITS has developed a contact database of over 1,000,000 contacts. From Different activity

  • Raise the awareness of your brand to hundreds of thousands of new contacts instantly
  •  Acquire new leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales methods
  •  Increase the unique visitor traffic to your site thus improving search engine
  • Get New and new … Customers for your Business
  • Increase your Sales easly.
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